This finely engineered machine is crafted from premium quality stainless steel to the highest of industry standards.

The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery is the miracle that beer drinkers have been praying for. After 5000 years of brewing, the technology finally exists to allow you to brew the perfect beer at home or at your workplace.

In 2004, while Ian Williams was working out of Denmark as an international brewing consultant and professional beer taster, he was challenged by his Uncle (a frustrated homebrewer) to invent the worlds first personal brewery.

After 2 years part-time research he returned to New Zealand in 2006 and started fulltime research and development with help from his friend, Anders Warn.

Finally in April 2011, after several rounds of serious investment, hundreds of brews and blind tastings and after many industrial prototypes, the first units and the ingredients to be used in them were ready for sale.

So after 5 years of intense development, the result is cold, perfectly carbonated, clear, professional quality beer made in 7 days, like a modern brewery. All 78 official beer styles can be made as well as the option to develop your own.

Please allow one month for shipping.

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$5,660 · Personal Brewery by WilliamsWarn

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