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  1. phil doughan @zymaze

    Firebox's solar-powered pot takes in the sun's energy during the day in order to glow at night. A solar cell is placed in the sun and connects to a ground spike with a 9.8-foot wire which then powers

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  2. phil doughan @zymaze

    The pot's solar cell is on a separate spike that connects to the pot via a 3-metre cable. Simply stick it in the ground and hide the cable. Time = sunlight, approx 6-8 hours summer, 2-4 in winter.

  3. Eu Yin Kei @InKay

    OMG. This is... Cool TTM!

  4. Carla bahena @Carlabahena

    Wooooww i want them

  5. Carla bahena @Carlabahena

    How much are those?

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Solar-Powered Glowing Flower Pot

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