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  1. Seema Hamid @simseema

    Just your everyday $55K backpack..

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  2. Sunhee Yu @sunheeyu

    These are so fun!

  3. Fiona @FarcicalDuck

    Looked at the bags. "Huh, these are pretty cool." Looks at the price. "What in the whaaa!!??"

  4. carlos. @revolttt

    I just can't justify why anyone would spend thousands and thousands of dollars for bags that were "designed" by the Olsen twins they were selling to Kmart 15 years ago and now they're charging 50k for a backpack? It's a joke

  5. hanako @happyhanako

    amazing!!! but ridiculous price!!!

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Damien Hirst x The Row Leather Backpack

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