SPIGEN SGP Crumena pouch is a genuine calf skin leather case for the iPhone 5 that protects the device against damage, dirt, and dust. The inner layer is made from a soft material that prevents scratches. On the back of the case is a tab to make removing the iPhone 5 easier. The tab is made wider on the iPhone 5 Crumena to prevent the strap from being twisted while the phone is out of the pouch. Additionally, the strap is made with leather to match the rest of the pouch for a seamless and luxurious look. One unique characteristic of the Crumena is the embedded magnet that keeps the iPhone 5 firmly in the case when not in use. If you like the feel of the iPhone in your hand without the added bulk of a case, the Crumena Pouch is the perfect companion. The slim pouch protects your device from being scratched or accidental drops while giving off a stylish and professional look.

Premium genuine geather

Magnetic leather tab

Please allow two weeks for shipping

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$30 · iPhone 5 Leather Pouch Crumena by SPIGEN SPG

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