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  1. Seema Hamid @simseema

    Alex and Seonaid Maclean-Bristol’s house on the Isle of Coll in Scotland was built in the ruins of a house abandoned 150 years earlier.

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  2. Pavle Boskovic @Gizenga

    I realy like it, but if it was me, I'd also create a living area where the crack is (if it is possible to make it stable).

  3. Dan @getcarter76

    I'd run a nice line of expanding foam down that crack!

  4. Angela Preuss @Rilke

    My father lived owned and lived, for 40 years, in a house similar to this. His was built on the Oregon Trail, Wabaunsee Kansas, USA. It too was in the middle of what seemed to be nowhere. althought the original function of the building in the early 1800's was an Opera House. It too had a crack. One night, in winter, while sleeping the entire south wall fell to the ground. He was rather cold the rest of that winter but he repaired the house in the spring. Inside surrounded by all the stone and wood it was very quiet.

  5. Rachael Patten @rcpatten

    I hadn't wanted to live in a crack house 'til now.

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Farmhouse @ Isle of Coll, Scotland

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