FusionTable by Aramith. A new dimension in the dining room, boardroom, recreational room, conference room, media room, or game room.

This stylish and unique pool table also doubles as a dining table or conference table.

4 1/2" thick horizontal platform hides a quality slate pool table with all its accessories.

Includes complete Crown Standard Accessory Kit.

Unique steel easy-assembly frame allows the use of a one-piece 3/4" monobed slate, which is delivered pre-fitted with Velocity PRO cloth matching the pre-fitted rails.

No need to level a 3-piece slate or fit cloth on slate and rails means quick & easy installation.

Overall table dimensions: 90 1/2" L x 52 3/4" W x 29 1/2" H

25 1/8" from floor to underneath table.

Table construction: veneered wooden structure with steel backing, and corresponding table tops and pool table rails

Please allow 3 weeks for shipping.

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$12,990 · FusionTable by Aramith

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