ThePresent is a new way to experience time.

It is a reminder that life is a gift and a tool to help you become more mindful.

The 365 day pace of ThePresent introduces you to the scale of how time passes in nature.

Learn to grow and change at the speed of life.

This is a limited edition work of art. The timing movement was engineered in Germany and is the first of its kind in history. Each clock has a number and a certificate of authentication.

The body of the clock was made in the USA, mostly in New York. It has a steel housing, protective glass face, and a museum grade print. The clock markes the solstices and equinoxes throughout the year.

Compared to modern time, annual time works like this:

12 O'Clock =  December 21st - Winter Sosltice 

03 O'Clock = March 21st - Spring Equinox

06 O'Clock = June 21st - Summer Solstice

09 O'Clock = September 22nd - Autumn Equinox

 Please allow 5-10 days for delivery in the U.S/ 2 weeks for international delivery.

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  • February 16, 2016 - February 22, 2016
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