Whether it's a Handlebar, a Fu Manchu, or a Laser Loop, this illustrated guide will help men everywhere achieve the moustache of their dreams.

Included are instructions for how to grow, groom, and maintain 30 classic and modern moustaches, as well as fashion advice on how to rock each look.

Outdoorsy types can go wild with the Lumberjack and some flannel, while those aspiring to steampunk style should dress up the Aeronaut with a tuxedo or nautical gear.

For a dash of hipster irony, the Crustache or the Pyramid looks sharp with skinny jeans and glasses.

With tons of illustrations and exclusive tips from professional competitors, The Moustache Grower's Guide will add major style to any 'stache.

Hardcover. 144 pages.

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  • February 15, 2016 - February 18, 2016
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  2. edna olvera @ednaolvaz

    por que no ser como quieres es decir se fiel a ese que eres tu si tu me apoyas las diferencias se irán juntos iremos y fancy cambiaremos

  3. Tout @toutrec

    better be more than step 1,2 and pictures of the different styles. since movember, everyone knows more on stach than necessary but not enough to make it more than a repeat.

  4. K02U3 @K02U3

    I'd like to send my boy friend who can read English.

  5. Marina Zaytseva @Marin_k_a

    Nice book for the moustache lovers :)

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