Each set contains 10 pieces that can be arranged in any way you like. Each box contains 10 pieces of the same color. Combine multiple sets to mix and match the colors.

Designed to fit any floor space!

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  • February 16, 2016 - February 23, 2016
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  2. Design Is This @DesignIsThis

    You are correct @carlosllergo we need to reconfigure this product properly, we will do it shortly. In the meantime you are very welcome to drop us an email at">href="/designisthis"> and let us know which colors your require. If we have them in stock, then you can order through FANCY and when sending out your order we will set-up the color combination you want.

  3. Design Is This @DesignIsThis

    @xtandreafly Thank you for your constructive comment. Please see our reply above, we will sort this issue out shortly.....

  4. Andreagarko @Andreagarko

    How many puzzle pieces would to take to create a shape that is roughly 7'by9'?

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$99 · Imperial Puzzle Rug

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