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  2. David @DGP

    botox, botox, botox, no one likes wrinkly babies either!

  3. Cannon @loftyboy

    Griffin man!! Knife culture in the UK is terrible. Us adults have to look at ourselves and ask the question whether its ok to stoke the fire and keep the 'coolness' of carrying a knife going or whether we should take a bit of responsibility. Botox has nothing to do with it mate.

  4. Fancypantsy666 @Fancypantsy666

    OMG!!! Loftyboy get a grip what a self-righteous twat. Thank God all us Brits aren't such ponces. He/she was obviously making a joke. You tool

  5. Monkey 75 @monkey75

    @Fancypantsy666 LOL totally agree with ya mate!!

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