AnyGlove is a true revolution in touchscreen glove technology that is 100% made in the USA.

While there are "touchscreen" gloves available, most are poor fitting, don't keep your hands warm and stop working after a while...not to mention that most are downright UGLY! Wouldn't it be nice to wear gloves you like, that are warm, stylish and fit, and still be able to use your mobile device apps?

Well, just a few drops of AnyGlove will make virtually any glove (get it?) work with any touchscreen: on smart phones, iPads, ATMs and more. AnyGlove is a quick, easy and inexpensive solution to the problem of having to take off your gloves to use your touchscreen devices.

While AnyGlove is not a permanent treatment, it doesn't wash off, and the functionality can lasts for weeks or months, depending on the type of gloves and how you use them. If the functionality does fade, simply re-apply and you're good to go.

AnyGlove is not recommended for light-colored gloves, as slight discoloration will occur. On darker colored materials, however, it is virtually unnoticeable. For all gloves, it is recommended that you test on an inconspicuous area of the glove by gently rubbing 1-2 drops into the material to check for color fastness or undesirable discoloration.

Please allow 6-9 days for shipping.

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$25 · Touchscreen Enabling Glove Drops

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