Humans have been enjoying Sky Lanterns (Kongming Lanterns) since the turn of the 3rd century AD. You may be late to the party, but better late than never!

Sky Lanterns Mini Hot Air Balloons are so simple to use. Open 'em up, peel off the wax paper sheet, shake 'em out, fluff the fuel, light the fuel, tip the balloon up, watch it fill with hot air, and . . . release!

Launch them singly or in groups for a truly magical event. If you want, you can even write messages on them before launching.

Plus, Sky Lanterns Mini Hot Air Balloons are totally biodegradable and flame retardant (so they don't burst into flames in mid air.)

Light the fuel pack and the balloons will fill with hot air and float into the sky, radiating light the entire way.

100% biodegradable. No wire is used - only string!

Other than the fuel pack, the entire thing is flame retardant.

No assembly required.

Will fly up to a mile high (actual height, flight time, and distance flown will be determined by weather conditions).

Inflated Dimensions: 15" x 22.8" x 40.6"

10 per order.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

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$18 · Mini Hot Air Balloon

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