Close co-operation with Hans J. Wegner's Studio has made it possible to recreate an original Wegner easy chair from a clay model and drawings found in the Studio's archives.

Called CH468, the chair was created by Wegner in 1960 but has never been in production - until now.  The Studio also had what is, as far as is known, the only existing prototype of the chair. Along with some photos, the prototype inspired us to begin production.

CH468 is a sculptural easy chair whose construction, back and neck support afford a variety of very comfortable ways to sit.

Their craftsmen built the interior frame from wood, just as Wegner designed it.

The legs, in brushed stainless steel, create a balanced contrast to the capacious upholstery.

By Carl Hansen & Son.

 (in): 41 h | 37 d | 37 w | seat: 15.7 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

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  • February 23, 2016 - March 7, 2016
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  2. Leslie Lizotte @Olgawants

    @maherjilani I think you need your eyes checked! Either that or they changed the price in 1 day! When I saw it, the price was $6,025 (which is still too much)! Besides I think my grandma had a few of these around her dinette table. Lol! 😊

  3. Leslie Lizotte @Olgawants

    Now that I look at this chair I know where I've seen it before. In my grandma's living room!

  4. Jo @giogio3


  5. Eric Park @deuxdoom

    이쁘다... 가격이 6,000$을 넘어가서 문제지만;;;

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$5,350 · Oculus Chair CH468 by Hans Wegner

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