Nambe Crystal Tilt Highball Glasses are perfect when you are looking for a sense of humor along with your lemonade or bourbon-on-the-rocks. The full-lead crystal Tilt Highball Glass appears to have had a few too many, as it tipsily leans off-kilter. Don't be fooled, the sloping base perfectly counterbalances the sleek glass with its level rim. Fitting the hand alluringly, the Nambe Tilt Highball Glass feels so good you will want to use it for morning orange juice as well. The Tilt Highball Glass is mouth-blown and hand-cut by master European glassblowers.

5" tall, 4" wide, 16 ounces

Set of 2

Please allow two weeks for shipping

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  • February 22, 2016 - February 29, 2016
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  2. Gillian @coconutyum

    For some reason it makes me feel dizzy

  3. Jonah Dok @Monstro

    Fancy indeed.

  4. Maxime Noyelle @max77240

    Great if you want to have saturnism

  5. Mikey Dobrzański @mikeydob

    Go home glass, you're drunk

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$60 · Crystal Tilt Highballs by Nambe

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