Designed by 3 Bay Area natives, this clever, hands-free device possesses Silicon Valley design sensibility, with its clean, minimal aesthetic and its user-friendly functionality.

Using a single, configurable piece, this little dynamo allows you to use your smart phone in ways that you couldn't before.

Using its strong suction pads, you can use the Oona to take your cellphone wherever you need to go: stick it to your cabinets to peruse cookbooks as you prep dinner, to a whiteboard to reference typed notes as you teach, to your bedpost to use it as an alarm clock, or to your windshield to avoid losing your phone beneath your car seats.

And the innovative mount allows the Oona to serve as a tripod when you need to snap a shot or take a video. It simply screws in just like any other camera mount, so you can take impressive timelapse photography with nothing more than this clever piece and your smartphone. The design also still allows you to grab the back of the phone so it is easy to type while on the dock.

The primary component is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum that is polished and anodized for a strong, scratch-resistant finish.

Designed in California. Made in China.
Materials: aluminum, rubber, velvet
Body: .4" L x .6" W x 1.6" H; Base: 1.8" dia. Supports up to 8 oz.

Like any other suction cup, The Oona will not stick to surfaces that are bumpy, rough, indented, etc.

Textured cases will not adhere.

Warning: Do not use with iPad or any tablet.

Make sure to add a little moisture to the suction cup to really get a good hold.

Please always practice safe driving. Do not install your Oona over an airbag cover or within the air bag deployment zone. NOTICE TO DRIVERS IN CALIFORNIA AND MINNESOTA: State Law prohibits drivers in California and Minnesota from mounting items on car windows that may obstruct the drivers view. In California, Minnesota or where other states or local laws may prohibit drivers from mounting items on the windshield, drivers should mount on the dashboard or other location.

Please allow 7-10 days for shipping.

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$36 · The OONA iPhone Stand

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