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  2. Rebekah Reyes @missbekah

    Yeah what id this????

  3. Robin Bodenstein @Roro

    Hum... What the FUCK ?!!

  4. Santi Villalba Caprile @santithk

    Both tablets include built-in docks with smartphones to match, But Otherwise are unique in appearance and features. The TransPhone includes a bluetooth headset and a slide-in dock smartphone, while the handset is Completely Padfone's hidden by a flip-up rear door. The CMIT Reportedly device packs dual-core 1.2GHz processor and Qualcomm SVGA display, and HDMI Along With USB ports. Is this it?

  5. Lee Seong Yeon @EndlesslyCreativeLee

    One word WOW

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TransPhone pairs tablet and handset, emerged before ASUS Padfone

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