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  1. marc fernandez @fernandezmarc


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  2. Jack Richard Daniel Masterson @Froshy360

    'of flash'

  3. Podi C @podi

    @Froshy360 i guess since they only made one, we will never know if red would have looked better! ;-).

  4. Edwin Batista @EBatista

    @jag this car was designed with one purpose, and that purpose only.. to beat both of them. so yeah, I'd go as far as to believe it could've beat them both. I love Ferrari's P4 as much as the Ford Mark, but Jaguar was also very capable

  5. Eric @jag

    @ebatista yes, very capable seeing as their last win was what a decade ago? There is a reason they went to making luxury cars while Ferrari and ford continue to race.

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