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  1. Syed Imran Shah @iamDim

    Innovative learning app which makes use of the iPad 2 smart cover.

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  2. Abdulaziz Alsubaie @aaalsubaie


  3. Syed Imran Shah @iamDim

    You get a question by lifting one flap of the smart cover. The answer lies under the second flap. When you close the smart cover and re-open there is a new question to answer. It's meant to be used as a means of learning. I personally think it would be excellent for learning new languages.

  4. Theo Satloff @tinobc

    the speed of light is 299 792 458 m / s

  5. qn19730111 @qn19730111

    Ale Czad właśnie ściągnąłem appkę, no magia po prostu:-)

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