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  1. phil doughan @zymaze

    a window shade that hangs on your wall and is backlit by electroluminescent sheets to provide simulated daylight in even the darkest of offices.

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  2. Mathew Ireland @MtwIreland

    Interesting, would of taken a mad man to come up with this brilliance!

  3. phil doughan @zymaze

    @generate 1. 22" wide x 30" high would be a good size and in fact is the size of an old "fake" window I bought for my windowless office. But, that was a wooden framed, florescent back lit, gadget that was 3" thick (an attribute that made it stick out of the wall, unlike a real window.) 2. Under a $100 would be a great price point but I have no idea what your production costs would be, maybe $150 if it was of high quality. Cheaping out on the material used to fabricate the blinds would be your biggest mistake. You should first make the decision as to whether you are going to create a gimmicky whimsical item or a quality decorating item. I paid $250 for the fake "window" I bought but it had a thick wooden window frame enclosing a quality light box and a photo quality "scene" of the outdoors on the light box "glass".

  4. Chiao Lee @hahahali

    great... another shade to wash... nice idea but would be better in my friend's house not mine.

  5. burney. @jlecouture

    This makes me so sad! I'd be so excited to look out the window then immediately become depressed when I realize it's an illusion lol

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