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  2. Sharon @Shazell212

    Not nice

  3. White @WhiteRex

    I doubt there was ANY sort of criticism towards Soviet Union in that piece of vandalism. Instead of simply drawing dicks they were more creative this time. Besides, this monument has nothing to do with politics its dedicated towards the liberation from nazi occupants.

  4. MissHelene @Heju75

    I think it is amazing because there are none cartoons statue except maybe in Comic Gotham City. but I would not like Mona Lisa being tagged. Just put under a transparent cover on official monument, Grafitti are everywhere. I'm just off a museum, ORSAY Museum and Courbet and other painters use old paintings to paint new ones. Art for the artist is to destroy old figures and get new ones. Their contemporaries do not adopt this vision but artist needs to create new and not contemplate oldies. I don't think it about disrespect. it is just samo samo. it is outlaw. I would not like to be caught. Mob is not a lenient body. this person should have done it on a copy not on the original.

  5. Tobias Gomez @thatiscuul

    That is cool!

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Soviet Army Monument @ Sohia

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