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  2. Ellery Collins @Frosting

    I would put that in my bathroom. I would probably hang my towels on it.

  3. Andrian @Krec


  4. Tame Howard @tamehoward

    This is freaking awesome!  My grandson just turned 6, but he has turned me onto the art of Lego's since he was about 3 yrs. old. We shop 4 sets 2 put 2gether on the w/e's he visits us. I used 2 put the pieces he needed in a row (per instructions) while he would look at the page & put 2gether,  perfectly. As he has grown older though, while I put 2gether the pieces (per instructions) he borrows pieces I don't need at that particular point & builds freestyle, some of the most coolest objects w/such an imagination it's ridiculous!  ALWAYS, ALWAYS,  better than what the piece was supposed 2 b originally! He will love this piece since it's of 1 of his favorite people! Is this on display somewhere? Truly awesome!

  5. Monique Iman @MoniqueIman

    @frosting lmaaaoo

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