1. Patrick Saenz @thepatriarch

    It's easy to associate gangsters as small-time thieves, but the Yakuza are instead more like businessmen and this book gives us an insight into the lesser known lives of real Japanese gangsters.

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  2. Andrea Anima Le Azzarita @Rupens_gold

    Hahahaha della sciarpina da portare sotto camicia

  3. bouda_djamel @pote

    J aime

  4. Fiona Lazuli @fionalazuli

    Does a documentary/tv show (Intervention, True Life) about drug use promote people to use drugs? No. Yakuza have been around a looong time, and this book is just showing a behind-the-scenes of this underground subculture. I don't think it encourages you to join a gang.

  5. Erika Enriquez @Jaylazwinky

    this is totes dope

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Odo Yakuza Tokyo 2nd Edition Book

Fancy 4,100
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