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  1. Nick Matarese @nmatares

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  2. Michael Stephens @mavfan1

    Ciberxtcsaid i made no such statement about freedom to choose.. Communism government owned and operated market place..I very much doubt your credentials if you failed to comprehend this basic difference.

  3. Amro Abbas @cyber_xtc

    Ur doubting of my credentials adds or removes very little from my life or my very satisfied client base. Looks like e gun was pointed at your head from one of these big brands, that's y ur hating. Lol chill boy. It's a point of view. If u can't respect an opposing point of view, I doubt ur credential to being civilized at all.

  4. Michael Stephens @mavfan1

    Sorry cyber....caught me on a bad day. I worked for Tom's of Maine (pre colgate/palmolive)early on so I had unreal expectations of the rest of my career. You busted me! Fine work sir!

  5. Matthew Culverwell @mvmcul

    I'm like in this very, very much

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