It looks like a smokin' hot lighter but it's actually a pencil sharpener! (And needless to say‭, ‬perfectly safe for your lungs as well as your pencils‭.‬)

Available in 3‭ ‬transparent colors‭: ‬Clear‭, ‬Blue‭, ‬Orange

Please allow 10 days for shipping.

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  • October 22, 2015 - October 26, 2015
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  2. Sameer adam @sameeradamsaa

    hhhhhhhhh this is funny

  3. michele.edwards.54 @M1che1e

    Quirky and fun!

  4. Muscat ludovic @lud0vic

    It´s crazy

  5. Eddie @elopez13240

    good way to give teachers a scare.

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$12 · Pencil Sharpener Lite

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