Emulator is the Worlds first and only multi-touch midi controller PC software for professional DJ's and Music Producers.

Emulator 32" - Dual Touch professional DJ system

Emulator Professional DJ Software

Glass: 3mm tempered glass

Touch Points: Detects 6 touch points simultaneously

Touch activation force: no pressure required

Touch response time: 7ms

For use with LCD, plasma or rear-projection

Rear-projection film included upon request

Power Supply: Dual USB Powered

Interface: USB 2.0 (Full speed)

Supported OS: Windows 7

Screen Actual Size Boxed Size 32" Length: 79.3cm Length:

96.7cm Width: 1.9cm Length: 5.5cm Height: 48.9cm Length:

61.0cm Weight: 4.1kg Weight: 5.9kg 42" Length: 102.9cm

Length: 119.7cm Width: 1.9cm Width: 5.5cm Height: 61.7cm

Height: 73.9cm Weight: 6.4kg Weight: 9.3kg

Glass: 3mm tempered glass

Frame Colour: Piano Black

Touch Points: Detects up to 6 points simultaneously

Touch Technology: LED Cell Imaging

Touch Construction: Aluminum, Tempered Glass, Printed Circuit

Touch Activation: No pressure required

Touch Response: 6ms 12ms

Power Supply: Dual USB or 1000mA Power Adapter

Interface: USB 2.0 (Full Speed)

Stand Actual Size Boxed Size Length: 58.4cm Length: 87.5cm

OS: Windows 7, Mac OSX

Width: 70.9cm Width: 82.0cm Height: 22.0cm Height: 23.0cm

Weight: 16kg Weight: 18kg

Construction: Black anodized aluminum

Design: Z-Style Folding Stand

Sizes: Adjustable between 32" 42"

Height: Adjustable between 27.9" 35.6"

Projector Actual Size Boxed Size Length: 32.4cm Length:

49.0cm Width: 23.4cm Width: 32.5cm Height: 9.7cm Height:

18.5cm Weight: 3.1kg Weight: 3.8kg

Aspect Ratio: 16:10 Native, 4:3, 19:9 Compatible

Brightness: 2300 Lumens


Resolution: 1280 x 800 Native

Lamp: 180W P-VIP; 5000 / 3000 Hours

Minimum System Requirements

Mac Specifications:

Apple Mac Intel Core Duo 1.6ghz 2GB RAM Lion OS Core audio compatible sound card System suggested: Apple Mac Intel Core 2 Duo (or better) 4GB RAM Lion OS Core audio compatible sound card.

PC Specifications:

Windows 7 Home Premium or better (32/64 bit), Dual Core CPU 1.3 Ghz (no Atom), 1 GB RAM ASIO sound card. System suggested: Windows 7 Home Premium or better (64 bit), i3 CPU, 4 GB RAM or better. Native Instruments Audio2DJ sound card or better.

Please allow 9-12 days for shipping

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