The Nek-Rite series from vindegarde is the latest in modular wine cellar storage systems, designed to store your wine bottles horizontally in order to feature the labels and display your fine wine collection.

This design simplifies maintaining your inventory, no more searching for a bottle while looking at neck tags or pulling the bottle out of a traditional style wine rack.

The installation is simple, easy and straightforward. a power drill is the only tool required for installation.

The order comes with hardware for a 3/4" wall panel (wood panel NOT included)

Nek-Rite 1 12 Bottle Kit includes:

- 24 Rods; 24 Connector Bolts; 96 O-rings

Nek-Rite 2 12 Bottle Kit includes:

- 12 Rods; 12 Connector Bolts; 96 O-rings

Nek-Rite 3 12 Bottle Kit includes:

- 8 Rods; 8 Connector Bolts; 96 O-rings

This system is shipped as a 12 bottle set and ships as rods and hardware only -- allowing you the option to supply your own wine wall panel.

vindegarde isan international wine cellar company inspired by a combination of entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for collectible wine and modern design. Their expertise and approach to design is truly unique to the wine cellar industry where they focus on creating simple and efficient wine storage solutions while providing an ideal environment for wine to age long term.

Please allow 5-7 weeks for shipping.

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$180 · Nek-Rite Wine Bottle Rods

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