Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquariums are large widescreen wall mounted aquariums that hang like plasma televisions.

Ideal for fresh water tropical fish, the self-contained AquaVista Panoramic Wall Aquarium is so easy to care for-you no longer have to feed your fish daily. The Aquavista Panoramic is pre-assembled with an automatic feeder, dual filtration, heater, air pump, lighting, and a carbon dioxide generator that allows the most exotic live plants to thrive in this underwater mecca. Like all Aquavista Wall Aquariums, each unit has an embedded touchscreen control panel that allows you to program the aquarium for easy care and control.

Panoramic 1780P = 6 Ft Wide, 25 Gallon

70.1"x 6" x 23.6"

136 lbs without water

Aquavista Enterprise Inc. (AVI) is the leading global provider of patented, award-winning aquariums that blend the serenity of live, tropical fish with the sophistication and beauty of framed art. Our aquariums are considered to be the most innovative and advanced in the world.We are the first and only company to provide self-contained wall aquariums that have programmable LCD controls built in for easy care and maintenance. Our aquarium solutions are ideal for homes and businesses that want to enjoy owning tropical fish without the hassle. We are proud to have tens of thousands of our unique aquariums enjoyed by happy customers around the world and to have our products called everything from mesmerizing and therapeutic to The Perfect Aquarium for the Novice or Lazy Person.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

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$2,000 · Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium

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