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  2. Joy Miles Gimbel @Gjeans

    Which is the exact Ferrari in the Movie Vanilla Sky? Its only oneof bout 7 in world- $50 million yes? I love it sooo much x

  3. Christopher Harriman @charriman

    No it's not the car in Vanilla Sky. That car was a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO of which there are only 39. They value from $17 to &35 mil. The car in the film was a replica.

  4. Chris Moore @ChrisMoore

    One of only 10 built. Went at auction for about $4.45 million. Awesome.

  5. Joy Miles Gimbel @Gjeans

    @Chris Moore I love the vintage ones so v much! Like the Ferrari in Vanilla Sky, was black sim stats, similar shape! This shape kills me.

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1955 Ferrari Berlinetta Speciale

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