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  2. Jack Smith @incitatus

    Cool idea, but utterly useless. Either you have the space (/permission) for a balcony, and you put one in, or you dont. Mobility has no added value. Not to mention that glass is not a very appropriate meterial for a balcony floor, for obvious reasons. But even besides the people below looking up your skirt, think of the footprints and such you Will leave on there which Will then be on your window, when you close the thing... Yeah, not cool...

  3. Han Fu Sun @zcaka49

    If look closely, the bottom bit of the window which also can act as floor is not made from the same clear see through glass as the top. Hence, can not see footprints etc...

  4. Edgar C @DGear

    It's meant for older buildings where building codes make it difficult or where buildings do not allow for a permanent balcony because it would change the look of the exterior of the building. The glass by the way is 100% transparent just like the top which you can see in operation here:

  5. Luisa Ambros Costa @luambros


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Bloomframe Motorized Window/Glass Balcony

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