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  1. Garçon à la pipe @MacQ

    coool bed

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  2. Leah Kashdan @Blixen

    I'd like to DOUBLE fancy this! Awesome!

  3. Arun Devan @acdevan

    Brilliant 21C pod bed! Hopefully it will come with a configurator with modular options. What would be nice will be holders+chargers for iPhone, iPad & MacBook Pro, fluid based mattress with cooling/heating, electronic sanitizer to rid/minimize bugs/mites, massage options for blood circulation to avoid potential side of bed sores from spending too many hours in a fixed prone position, aromatizer, different sizes: super single/queen/king, color schemes for pod & led lights, & my imagination is going in the wrong direction at this stage...

  4. Inés María @imgs

    looks like a bed from a space ship

  5. Garçon à la pipe @MacQ

    imagine u need only 1 room flat when u have it :)))))))))

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Interactive Pod Bed - Somnus Neu

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