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  2. Adam Mills @adamills

    I wish I could fancy this, but unfortunately I don't think I'll ever know what 80 year old whisky tastes like. Unless I hide a bottle of Jack and live to be 112.

  3. Johan van Roekel @roekeljvan

    @ seanie_b Yes, a good bottle is a beautiful mix of flavors, bottled at the right time, otherwise it can be too strong, or a single flavor can get too overpowering, drowning out others.

  4. Johan van Roekel @roekeljvan

    @af75 After 50 years, a barrel is still around 65% full, and the decrease is always slowing down\

  5. Johan van Roekel @roekeljvan

    @adamills the counting of the age stops after the whisky is bottled, so the only way is to buy a bottle of 8yo whisky. And Jack Daniels is NOT whisky, it is bourbon (which is French for shit that I wouldn't serve to my worst enemy).

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The Glenlivet 80 Year Old Whisky

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