There are hundred of different iPhone chargers out there. This one does the most and looks the best.

It is not just an iPhone Charger; it is also a speaker (with sound boost!), alarm clock, and ambience lighting gadget.

The diamond design and the special layer inside allow soft light in dark. If you want to play music, you can plug in your IPhone, the passive amplifier will automatically boost the music volume by 2.5 times.

With its built-in LED light and the free BD App, this dock also provides various 3D lighting effects, such as rainbow, plasma, flames, etc. You can easily create a romantic atmosphere anywhere.

It is also an alarm clock-colorful lighting and soft music will gently wake you providing you with a refreshing start to the day.

Works with iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S

Please allow7-10 days for shipping.

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$50 · Black Diamond iPhone Charging Ambient Dock by Yantouch

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