This end grain block utilizes a brickwork pattern inspired from the brick buildings and brownstones of Brooklyn.

An advantage of offsetting the bricks is that it is inherently a stronger joint than your typical checkerboard pattern. For the record, an end grain board is better for your knives and more sanitary than your edge grain or plastic board.

The wood fibers on an end grain board are facing upwards so when you cut down onto the board, youre actually cutting in between the wood fibers as opposed to cutting through the fibers like on an edge grain board which makes a permanent cut into the wood. This permanent cut into an edge grain or plastic board also ends up being a place for bacteria to reside.

Walnut is characterized by the rich dark hues in the heartwood and its golden coloration in its sapwood, sometimes also with subtle undertones of purple.

Every part and stage of production of Brooklyn Butcher Blocks pieces take place between Texas and New York. They get the wood from Pennsylvania and Ohio rough cut to their shop in Brooklyn where they mill it themselves. The glue they use is manufactured in Ohio and is waterproof and FDA-approved food safe. The mineral oil used to treat each board is from Texas. The refuse is then leached and composted at Compost For Brooklyn.

Please allow 1 week for shipping.

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$200 · End Grain Butcher Block

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