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    em..i will throw it one day

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    Gee, I wonder why it's on sale

  4. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    Tibor Kalmans' premise is relative to a famed 1700's physicist (name forgotten) statement that time is ephereal and subjugative to each individuals perspective of time & space & choice of action within that time (much as we operate daily, each making our own minds up as to what time means to us). But Tibor took the perception of time in relation to watch design and jumbled it accordingly to what true time actually is. For as time exists so does it not exist in the sense that we think of it. Time truly is ephereal in that it just exists within space as not a measurement of hours, minutes or seconds (mankinds calculated measurements to aide humans in specifying the passage of 'Time') but as eons, eras, centuries, days and moments (GODs measurements). So this watch takes that into consideration and resets our minds back into accordance with realistic ephereal time. It will take quite a bit of mind-adjustment as we are trained by "calculated & calibrated time computations". Then when you get to be, oh say, 75 yrs.+ in age, it will suddenly become very clear to you. So if you don't get it now that's just fine! Maybe ask an elder whose 75 or older how they think of time. You may get a hint of understanding. Oh, many wise elders do get it but often try not to make young ones understand it because, well, cause it's just not that time for you all to know all this until your minds can fully balance reality, spirituality and actuality. Three 3 different time references existing all within the same timeframe. BeBlessed! ;~D

  5. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    IOW: Breakin It Down: You're on the street walkin, suddenly you think you see something unusual happening but you're not really sure it will happen so you keep watchin as best you can considering all the people milling about or standing nearby or in the way of your view. With me so far? Good. Then it becomes clear once the person holds the gun out away from their body exactly what is about to occur. The gunholder looks around possibly turning and fires. To you this happened in what your trained brain knows as "computated time" based on mankinds sundial-related calculations. But in truth what your eyes saw, but what did not yet register in your brain at that very MOMENT is that you saw the image of the gun BEFORE the shooter pulled it out + you saw him sneakingly or menacingly peering around before that. Equally so, your MIND did not want or choose to believe that such a thing was about to or would occur - BUT - your SOUL knew exactly what was about to occur and could accept it as being 'about to occur' and registered that it would indeed occur if not thwarted by someone or something. - - - - So in this situation, REALITY existed despite your eyes & brain conjunctively NOT registering every detail - & - your own SPIRITUALITY wisely co-existed without fail in its attempt to reach past your brain and warn you to warn others - & - ACTUALITY of what really occurred in that timeframe co-existed as well. Although, your EYES DID NOT SEE every detail as they blinked or as you peered around you. Your eyes did not see the shooter's hand twitchin & fumbling a gun in his pocket just before he pulled it out but a moment prior to your eyes blinking or peering around you saw what your brain registered as the shape of a gunhandle in his pocket which didn't sink in (register) rapidly enough before he pulled it and shot it. ...............Therefore, IN TRUTH, all 3 time references were in existence simultaneously aiding your brain in a split-second decision to avert danger as the gun fired. BUT IF NOT FOR 'spirituality' (the inner all-knowing GODLY soul within you) you would be either maimed or dead. Hope its a bit more clearer now. I pray. Sorry these statements where so long. My Bad! Pls forgive me this one time. OK fionalazuli. BeBlessed everyone! ;~D

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Askew Watch by Tibor Kalman

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