The Wireless Mouse from Penclic certainly isn't your everyday mouse.

- For starters it looks, feels and moves like a pen. A relaxed, natural working position can be fostered by resting your forearm on the work surface.

- The "mouse" has a smooth grip and is designed to keep you comfortable while typing, surfing the web, or scrolling through documents.

- Plus, it works on virtually any surface without any pad or tablet.

Looks, feels, and moves just like a pen.

Creates a relaxed, natural working position.

Smooth grip for comfort.

Operates on almost any surface without any pad or tablet

Wireless connection with a generous range of up to 16 feet

Comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to three months on a charge

Energy-saving mode starts after 10 minutes, and you can press a button to start again

Mouse charges via USB

LR 03/AAA/1.5V Alkaline non-rechargeable battery can be used 1

Five buttons and a scroll wheel for easy navigation

Set the dpi to 800 - 1200 - 1600 - 2400




Operating Distance:Up to 16' (5 m)


Scroll Wheel:Yes

Power On/Off Switch

DPI Setting:800 - 1200 - 2400

Supported Operating Systems:All OS that support HID 1.1 including Windows XP or later, Mac OS X version 10.1 or later and most Linux/BSD version flavors

Battery:AAA 1.2V NiMH recharging battery (LR 03/AAA/1.5V alkaline non-rechargeable battery can be used)

Run Time:Everyday use lasts approximately 3 months before needing to recharge

Charging Method:via USB

Please allow 10 days for shipping.

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$80 · Penclic Wireless Mouse

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