The soundscience halo 6 LED bias lighting kit makes it easy to outfit your monitor with professional backlighting. Bias lighting adds a subtle white backlight to your monitor, reducing eye fatigue and increasing perceived image clarity. The color and brightness of the LEDs are carefully calibrated to achieve the optimal viewing experience and increase your monitors perceived contrast ratio making blacks blacker and colors more vibrant.

Simply attach the LED strip to the back of your monitor and insert the USB plug into an open USB port on your computer or powered USB hub.

The soundscience halo 6 LED bias lighting kit complements any monitor up to 24 in size.


LCD monitor up to 24 in size placed against light colored wall
available USB port or powered USB hub

Certifications/Safety: CE, RoHS

Unit Dimensions:

Cable: 43 / 1300 mm
Light Strip: 14.6 / 370 mm

Packaging Dimensions:

5.9 (H) x 5.5 (W) x 0.6 (D)
150 mm (H) x 140 mm (W) x 15 mm (D)
Net Weight: 1.0 oz / 28.3 g
Gross Weight: 2.0 oz / 56.7 g

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

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$15 · Bias Monitor & Television Backlighting Kit

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