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  2. Christina Ackerman @DeafDragon

    Would like this for my home because it would remind people to conserve water

  3. Derek Bennion @Dekdo

    @deafdragon True, but i think it would be better suited to a shower in that case...most people dont take very long when washing their hands. Showers on the other hand...

  4. Erwin Kostense @Thialfi

    @Dekdo is right. Plus, the fish bowls are proven to be pretty bad living conditions for fish. Kind of ruins the message. Save water, but torture the fish anyway. Not very well thought through this.

  5. Yrsa Andersson @Yrsoup

    yup. i get the idea. and animal torture is not the fucking way to get people to use less water. why not use a plastic mofo fish? HUH!?

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Poor Little Fish Basin by Yan Lu

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