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  2. Cheyenne @Cyanh

    Meg Fish what a name

  3. Dolly @lepetittom

    eh, kitkat, this is how a baby lies inside the whom, and is the best position that baby wants to lay in. There is nothing forced in this picture! I like the crown. the baby is just a few weeks old by the way

  4. Melissa Smith @fancy126

    @kitkat11181998 this is not child abuse the baby is frrkin sleeping on a soft bed or whatever can u plzz stop talking about child abuse?!

  5. Linn Andreassen @nemiimen

    ha ha ha sorry but could u ever in ure mind think that u could be Abel to force a baby to lat still ha ha ha sorry but no.... its a wonderfull moment Wien a Child slepes and belive me it is still wonderfull Wien the baby is 16;D

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