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  1. mimi w @studiomimi

    For Sale. 7144 Hockey Trail, Los Angeles. One of architect John Lautner's earliest + most significant works. A rare opportunity to own + live in one the most iconic homes in LA.

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  2. mimi w @studiomimi

    "...A pool that flows from the exterior into the living room, separated by a retracting wall of glass. Controls move both the glass wall + an entire living room section to allow it to swing out into the yard + face the downtown skyline. Free of internal columns + formed by external steel beams. Old-growth redwood planking, raised fireplace, polished concrete floors..."

  3. Brad schick @HICSFH222

    Beautiful. I wonder where it is?

  4. Samantha Winslow @samwins82

    @HICSFH222 the address was given in the first comment: 7144 Hockey Trail, Los Angeles

  5. ian bignall @ieb

    What a fantastic place. Utterly wonderful

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The Foster Carling House by John Lautner

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