Able to withstand rips, tears and rain!

As we roam the world's great cities looking for the best cup of coffee, the most delightful park and somewhere good to eat, we are always alert to the danger of lost luggage. Some people tie scarves to the suitcases, others daub their name and address, but we have longed for something distinctive to us, and now at last we have it.

Designed for us by Two Arms Inc of Brooklyn, NY, these four tags are printed on almost indestructible Tyvek, a 1950s miracle product that looks like paper but resists tears and water. This makes it ideal for travel tags, subject as they are to the tender mercies of luggage handlers.

And don't forget, they work equally well as gift tags too.

Set of four double-sided tags: air, rail, land, sea.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

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$15 · Luggage Tags by Two Arms Inc. x Herb Lester

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