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  2. Steven Pattison @SmPattison

    @risky you must be an idiot, or poor and envious.

  3. James Risk @risky

    Wow you must work for Monster or something, either that or you feel bad for wasting so much money on inferior kit. Beats stuff is for posers end of story. If you buy Beats stuff because you think they sound better you are kidding yourself. It wouldn't be so bad if the beats stuff wasn't so overpriced. Listen to Sennheiser stuff that's half the price of Beats and tell me Beats is better. You can't. Also, Sony MDR V6 headphones, which are actually used in music studios are £50 and are infinitely better than any Beats stuff. A joke considering some beats stuff is nearly £400.

  4. Darron Allen @Sleezo187

    @risky you make a good point far as price is concerned , but i own Sony mdr v6 and as much as i like the capabilities, beats far exceeded

  5. Darron Allen @Sleezo187

    In sound quality & durability

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