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Azimuth's offering a Watchismo worthy watch, their self described "Man Toy" or more officially named "Chrono Guage Mecha BMF". T he case is forged out of hardy 316L solid steel blocks, CNC cut into signature tonneau shapes in no less than 80 arduous steps. It is a tribute to all men with a thirst for all things fast and furious.

Azimuth (pronounced Air-Zi-Muth) starts with a thought; a contemplation of our place on this planet. A mathematical term which defines the arc of a horizon from a reference point, it is a mode of measurement used by astrologers, navigators and military men to survey their bearings. But more importantly, Azimuth represents a cerebral pursuit - a reflection of Time and Space as determined by the word's Arabic roots, which translates to mean "route taken by a traveler". It is through this synergy of science and philosophy that the Azimuth collection is conceived. 316L stainless steel Torx drive cheese head tamper resistant screws 43mm maximum width, 50mm length 5 Bars water resistant Val 7750 modified Metal bezel as dial 24mm rubber strap. Registered design World's first concept watch 2007.

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$7,000 · Azimuth Chrono Guage Black Automatic

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