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  1. phil doughan @zymaze

    The case is made of Selective-Laser-Sintered 3D printed nylon in a process that is the ideal balance of craft and technology. Due to this process it has a jean-like texture.

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  2. phil doughan @zymaze

    Unfortunately, items that are handmade tend to be costlier (but often cooler as in this case) than those machine stamped or injection molded in China; although not by much. Even a basic "bumper" case costs $30 in the Apple Store and the nicer cases cost up to $60.

  3. Nen-zi© @Nenzi

    Samsung!? Hellooooooo!

  4. Linda James @MotiveWeight

    Love this...its a kinda steampunk in style.

  5. Dennis Jacobs @dennisjacobs91

    it's not handmade it's 3d printed

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Cogs & Gears iPhone 4S Case

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