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  2. phil doughan @zymaze

    I think girls can get away with and look hot wearing some guy clothes; like this photo. But walk into any department store look at the two or three FLOORS of women's clothes and the half floor (maybe) of men's clothes and it becomes apparent that the clothing disparity is the other way around. Also, unless trans is your thing, men never never look hot in women's clothes.

  3. Brianne Willex @briannewill

    @zymaze I love wearing guys' clothes. I have quite a collection of button downs and boxer shorts and sport coats and tee shirts pilfered from my exes over the years, and I love the way men's cuts and fabrics are on my body. I think men have the upper hand on style--a cool, effortless style--but women have a larger breadth of style options. And men would never want to wear women's clothes, they're hella uncomfortable.

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