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  2. Peggie Bennett @peggiebennett

    But it's nickel, so it would be Rise of the Nickel Surfer

  3. Peggie Bennett @peggiebennett

    @Zambarow yeppers

  4. Sai Chen @NoName404

    Hay man this is heavy. Too heavy for me.

  5. FM @mfrancescam

    Weighing in at 17 pounds, the board is constructed of a nickel shell with an EPS Foam Core. McNamara took it around the world, as part of a surf history feature film produced by Stuart Parr of Shady World Productions. “We rode it in Japan, Tahiti, Chile, and Hawaii, and it works unreal,” McNamara said. “I can’t wait to ride it at Jaws.”

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Nickel-Plated Surfboard by Marc Newson

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