Shredscors...the easiest way to destroy sensitive information on paper without having to plug in the office shreddder.

Introducing the shredsors - a scissors and shredder combination with 9 blades that will quickly shred junk mail, bank statements, old credit cards, top secret memos and even pictures of your ex ... it's a portable shredding device!

Nine precision metal blades and an easy grip plastic handle.

 7-1/2" (19.1 cm) long scissors 

Please allow two weeks for shipping

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  • December 10, 2015 - December 15, 2015
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  2. sfsfsf @fsfsfs

    Worst name ever

  3. Emma Brodie @emmabrodie399


  4. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    My dear ex-neighbor had purchased these once and unfortunately her husband left them unattended in his workshop/garage and their young boy got a hold of this item and while playing accidently cut his young friends fingers. Needless to say, this item IS NOT to be left around the home anywhere IF you desire to purchase them. Yes, the little boys fingers have healed but he did lose the top portion of one finger for life. Sad, but true. So please TAKE EXTREME CAUTION to keep these away from children and when using it be cautious yourself. Otherwise, per my ex-neighbor years ago the scissors do indeed work well at their designated task just remember they are very , very sharp!

  5. Kostby @thoribanez

    Perfect for all those credit card offers in the mail with all your personal information on em

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