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  2. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    What! Stand n unity with majority comments shown! What heck was manufacturer thinking here! What's the point? Steel, cardboard, plastic, etc. doesn't matter....still, asking price too much for product type! No real novelty here! Nothing unique! Nada! Just a stupid idea! Stupid, wasteful product! But then again, so was those 'Beanie' products yrs. ago....and U know how they sold so go figure! This may be a 'billion' dollar winner as well! We'll see.

  3. Kevin Tirado @seventhkiller

    How can I make one of those

  4. Haroon Saleemi @haroonsaleemi

    That would be a good present.

  5. joe kanashiro @invno1

    looks good though. you could say you won it f

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