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  2. Humphrey Bradley @HBradley

    I have both this one & the Max Bill (black face) & to be honest there isn't much between them in terms of quality despite the price difference. it's really a matter of taste..... as it always is.

  3. Peter ten Brinke @Peter10B

    @MarcLee: same here :) first I thought the rotor wasn't properly attached. But other than that it's a great piece. Hooked some new straps on it yesterday and was once again suprised how totally great it looks.

  4. Nuno Povoa @npovoa

    @HBradley I was go-no-go to get the Junkers I kept considering waiting a bit longer and get the Max Bill, you just made my decision a lot easier. Cheers!

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Junkers Bauhaus Watch

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