Capture Clip is a heavy-duty aluminum clip that attaches your camera to a bag strap or belt.

It has two adjustable screws that allow it to unhinge and clamp to bag straps and belts up to 1" wide. Just slide it on and screw it back to lock.

Your camera's tripod mount attaches to the top plate of the Clip. To free your camera just hit the quick-release button. The Capture Camera Clip stays attached while your camera roams free.

It takes less than a second to snap your shot and return your camera to safety.

The Capture Camera Clip is no hunk of scrap metal. It's made out of heavy duty (yet lightweight) aluminium and can withstand 100+ lbs of pressure!

It's better than a camera strap because it doesn't put pressure on your neck or shoulder. And it's faster than carrying your camera in a bag because your gear isn't buried.

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

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$80 · Capture Camera Clip

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