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  2. celine anthony @ckn

    Its impractical, but fun nevertheless. Maybe a small size version in play schools would be a practical use of this table.

  3. Liz @whoppet

    Just what i need to help my food go down!

  4. Barri Stotsky @barsto18

    I have discovered two things about you. One is that you have a wonderful, dark sense of humor and two you like to be dizzy and off-kilter. Did you just spin and spin around all day in a circle as a child? I think it is great, but if you own more then one of the products you fancy'd (like this table)I don't know how you stand up straight in your home! Enjoy !!

  5. roberto maggio @theheartdirector

    @barsto18 i live in an amusement park.

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Seesaw Table by Marleen Jansen

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